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Backup and Disaster Recovery

So there you are, running your business day to day, employees hard at work, you go home at night after a hard days work… but then your server crashes over night and now you’re facing complete data loss.  Do you have a plan in store to keep you protected?

Forget USB drive backups, forget the even older and unreliable technology of Tape drive backups, you need something that you’ll know when your head hits the pillow at night that your data is 100% safe.  We utilize local servers to create an onsite backup up to every 15 minutes of your entire hard drive, at the block level.  We can then take those backups every 15 minutes and send them offsite for additional security, because as nice as an onsite reliable backup is, it’s suddenly 100% unreliable if your building catches on fire, if someone breaks into your office, or any other kind of catastrophe that is out there waiting to happen…  you know, the kind that the both of  us are hoping doesn’t happen.

How It's Done

Using full image backups we go far beyond any file backup you’ve seen in the past. We literally have an operational copy of your server that can be accessed to do something as simple as restore a file that was accidentally deleted 15 minutes ago, or something as complex as restoring your entire server to new hardware. Don’t rely on old technology file backups that require your IT team to rebuild an entire server if it fails.

Also to make it even easier on your production servers all of the processing is done on your Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) server so your production servers don’t have to spend time and resources backing themselves up.

Granular Exchange Email Restore

Have an Exchange server? No problem, we can restore anything from a single email, to an entire email box, to your entire database within minutes. You let us know how far back you want us to go for the restore, and we’ll get your emails back, lickity split.

Deleted File Restore

We take image backups every 15 minutes of your entire server, what does this mean for you? We can restore any file, any folder, picture, mp3 (wait what are you doing listening to music at work?), on your server within 15 minutes of deletion. Just give us a call, we’ll remote into your BDR server and send it back to your production server within minutes. File restores have never been so easy-breezy.

Server Virtualization

Oops, did your server just die over night? I hate it when that happens. You know what though, that’s ok it’s no biggie… Why you ask? Well with our BDR technology we can virtualize all of your production servers within minutes. If your server dies at anytime, we can virtualize your entire server and have you up and running from the last backup taken, which was how long ago? That’s right, we’ll use a backup that was within 15 minutes of your server going down.

Full Server Restore

OK so your hardware died last night, we’ve got that covered and it’s running virtually on our BDR server; hey, it’s like it never even happened right?  Well, we still need to get a replacement for that old hardware that just died, after all you don’t want to run forever on your backup server.  So we order some new equipment, take it to your office, set it up, and now using our Bare Metal Restore technology we can do a full image restore of your entire server onto any hardware and have you back up and running in no time. Forget the old ways of rebuilding and reinstalling the server and then restoring files on top of that. It’s time consuming. It’s finance consuming. It’s peace of mind consuming (at least on your IT folks). Forget all of that, Easy is the name of the game here.

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