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Hosted Email Solutions

We here at InterNetwork IT have more than enough experience to handle your local Exchange server and make sure it’s up and running and you’re happy; but sometimes it’s easier to let someone else do the heavy lifting with server uptime guarantees and the mobility offered in Hosted Email.  Oh and there’s another bonus to having a hosted email solution… full anti-virus and anti-spam control that you don’t have to pay extra for.  We utilize three methods to take that great weight off of your back and put it onto theirs.


Microsoft Office 365

Who knows Microsoft Exchange better than the ones who created it?  Take your Exchange server and send it into the cloud using Microsoft’s Office 365 solutions, one solution for all devices.  Your Outlook, Webmail, and Cell Phones will all be able to sync and view email, calendars, contacts, simultaneously without missing a beat.

Plans ranging from simple email and calendar sharing to an everything included subscription.  We can go from and Exchange server in the cloud using Office 365, sharing your calendars and online file storage using the proven Microsoft Sharepoint services, to adding full Microsoft Office Pro Plus subscriptions and instant messaging services.


Google Apps for Business

Can we trust that Google will be up and running tomorrow morning when you and your employees get to work?  I think it’s safe to say absolutely!  Not only do you get hosted email through the tried and true Gmail webmail interface, which by the way can be fully synched with Microsoft Outlook for the familiarity you’re looking for, but hey… it’s Gmail.  Log on through any web browser and search your email anywhere and anytime!

Not only do you get hosted mail through Google Apps for Business, you get a suite of useful solutions that your business can utilize.  Such as document management where you can store and share documents to any user.  Google Sites where you can store vital information about your business for easy access.  Google Contacts and Calendar that can be utilized among your users to organize your meetings and share contacts.  All this through any web browser, anywhere.


Hosted Exchange Server

We also offer extremely affordable hosted Exchange servers that work and act like an on premises server.  You’ll never know the difference.  Simplified, easy to use, 99.9% uptime guaranteed Exchange servers at your fingertips.

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