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Cloud Computing

Yes we’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, it’s on your TV, every magazine you pick up, billboard, poster, and newspaper you see.  We have cloud solutions and you have computers… but does that mean it’s a match made in heaven?

Let us guide you to…


Exhibit A:

Joe Business Owner has 20 employees, a local server to manage user accounts and files, and an Exchange server.  Everything is local… computers, tables, chairs, employees, and poodles.  What benefits would he gain from taking all of this and putting it into the cloud?  Uptime guarantees of 99.9% as promised by the cloud host provider?  Not necessarily, Joe Business Owner still needs local computers for his employees to connect to that business in the cloud, which has just been setup by yours truly, and are still prone to hardware failure.  Although time for recovery from said hardware failure is drastically cut down and managibility of the virtual computers setup in the cloud host is greatly simplified.

Internet connection is a must and it’s recommended that Joe Business Owner should now pay for two separate ISP’s at a monthly cost to his business.  Why you may ask?  Well should he have only one internet provider and should they be down for any amount of time, that means Joe’s entire business is now shut down being that he cannot access any of his machines in the cloud.  Now Joe is paying for all of his employees to sit at their desks hoping their ISP will be back up and running in an efficient manner.

Let’s not forget that, although it comes at a reasonable price, there is an added cost to hosting the 20 desktops in a cloud environment that Joe also needs to account for.


Exhibit B:

Joe Business Owner’s cousin Jane Business Owner has multiple locations and traveling employees that need to access the same information, files, and user account structure.  Now we can setup their desktops in the cloud that can be reached from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.  All of Jane’s business information for her employees, contractors, and beyond is located in a central location that is accessible to all no matter their location.

Will Jane still face the same issues as Joe?  Well, all of her employees will have to have internet access and a computer which will be handled by the employee themselves at their personal location and on their personal computer. Her branch offices will also need their own terminals and internet connections as well, but she’ll benefit from the 99.9% up-time guarantee by the cloud hosting company, the simple two minute setup to connect to the cloud host will also drastically reduce down time if a remote computer dies, and now all of her employees have the ability to connect to the company files and information reliably and in one place.


Even in Exhibit B the Pros, connectivity to business information from multiple locations, must outweigh the Cons, which is the cost of hosting.  What we want to instill in our clients is that yes cloud computing is effective, yes it is available, yes it is affordable, but is it necessary for your business?

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