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With our experience in Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V and VMWare’s ESXi we can free your business from being bound to any specific hardware.  Let us help you realize the benefits of localized virtualization giving you the freedom to change hardware at anytime, including adding hard drive capacity, increasing RAM storage, or even moving your Server Operating System to all new hardware all together.  Drastically decrease downtime in catastrophic hardware failure as we can move your entire Server Operating System to a temporary host while we ship a new server to your location and transfer your Operating System from the temporary host to your new server hardware.


Decrease Downtime In Your Business

One of the benefits of Virtualization is that we can take your running, operating server, and move it from one piece of hardware to another.  This is paramount in a case where your server goes down due to hardware failure.  We can simply take the copy of your operational server software, move it to another computer, and start it back up in a virtual envirnment as a permanent or temporary solution while you wait for new hardware to be purchased and shipped to your location.


Flexibility is the Name of the Game

Since your operational server is not bound to any particular hardware anymore we can add memory, CPU’s, hard drive capacity, or move your server to an entirely new hardware box with ease.  In the past something like this meant a large, costly project in most cases, and once your server was installed on the hardware that’s where it stayed.  Virtualization has freed us from those bonds and given IT a new realm of flexibility never seen before.


Cost Effective

Probably the most important detail, otherwise why would you be here right?  One of the biggest benefits to Virtualization in any business is the ability to run multiple servers on one piece of hardware.  More servers, fewer physical machines, equals a huge cost savings to you and your business.

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