April 10, 2023

Three IT cost reduction strategies to turn to during economic downturns

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After the unexpected onset of a global pandemic and the aftermath it has had on both the global and national economy, it’s become clear that businesses need to be proactive in planning for the worst to survive in the long run.

Technology is essential to the functionality of your business, but during economic downturns, you need to be prepared to deploy an IT cost reduction strategy that will reduce the pressure of IT costs without harming your business.

Continue reading to learn our three top IT cost reduction strategies to utilize during economic downturns or tough times for your business. 

#1: Don’t freeze, reduce your costs

Many companies find themselves freezing costs during an economic crisis, but it’s risky in the long run because these costs will reappear once the freeze is over. Focus on inconsequential costs that do not carry much importance to your company and eliminate them.

Remove the costs that impact your company within weeks, not years. Begin with the more recent and unimportant costs.

#2: Reduce hardware and software costs

There are various ways to reduce your companies hardware and software costs as a way to decrease overall IT costs: 

  • Utilize a comprehensive IT management solution instead of unnecessary IT management point tools to eliminate the unnecessary and increase your company’s productivity. 
  • Move your data to the cloud to easily and efficiently reduce IT costs, while supplying your business with a more efficient storage system. 
  • Manage software licensing costs to spot the applications that are not being used and eliminate the apps and services you no longer need. 

#3: Review discretionary costs first 

Reviewing and cutting discretionary costs first, such as new company-wide technology projects, is a secure route to reducing IT costs. However you should evaluate if these new projects can create more efficiency and save you money long term. 

Non-discretionary costs can still be reduced, but it is important to focus on discretionary costs first that will not disrupt your day to day business functions. 

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