Medical Package

Medical Package

IT services for medical practices and physicians' offices

Protect your patients and team with comprehensive managed IT services that are specifically designed for medical centers and physicians’ offices like yours.

Quality of care is your top priority, and we’re here to help you deliver just that. Empower your team with all of the tools they need to treat your patients with confidentiality, compassion, and integrity.

Why do medical practices need managed IT services? 

Medical offices and healthcare providers are often the target of ransomware attacks, which can be detrimental to the reputation of your medical office. A trusted IT partner can help to ensure that your patient data remains secure despite the risk of breaches.

Medical offices must also keep up with HIPAA regulations and ensure they are always in compliance in the way they handle patient data. This can present challenges for medical staff who are already handling various other tasks.

Through our medical IT package, our team of IT experts ensures that your practice remains up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. We also have extensive knowledge on healthcare-specific IT functions, such as managing electronic health records, integrating multiple healthcare IT systems, migrating to the cloud, and adding telehealth options for patients. 

What is included in your medical IT package?

When you decide to purchase our medical IT package, you can expect to benefit from:

24/7 monitoring

    • Our team will configure your servers to automatically notify us if there’s any kind of issue. If your server goes offline for any reason, we’ll know within 5 minutes, allowing us to quickly resolve any security breaches as soon as they occur.
    • As your managed IT provider, we can help your practice keep your patients’ data secure by implementing the latest technology and monitoring systems for potential risks.
    • Anti-Virus actively reports to our system when anything suspicious is found—and quarantines it immediately.
    • Windows updates are automatically managed for desktops. Servers are manually updated once per month.
    • Web Filters can be added on a computer-by-computer basis to block employee access to specific websites.

Remote support

    • Our remote technical support team will keep you up and running faster and more efficiently than visiting onsite for every issue.

Onsite support

    • For the times when your problem can’t be resolved remotely, our trained technicians are here to provide full onsite services. They’re on hand to help you with unresponsive computers, new desktop setup, and more.

Backup services

    • Protect your company data with offsite backups for all desktop computers.
    • Important documents and files containing patient data and other sensitive information will be backed up regularly to ensure that you can restore all your practice’s critical information in the event of any disaster.
    • Want even more protection? Ask us about our server backup services.

Enhanced cyber security 

    • Medical practices handle confidential information on a daily basis. Just one data breach is detrimental for your patients and your practice’s reputation.
    • We provide comprehensive security protocols that secure your medical office’s systems by resolving any potential internal vulnerabilities and eliminating external cyber threats.

Email solutions

    • Keep your communications secure thanks to our Hosted Office 365 suite, offering Advanced Threat Protection, Encrypted Email Services, Full Spam and Malware Protection, and more.

Specialized medical software 

    • Quality care is one of your medical practice’s top priorities. We can help to mobilize your workflow with the latest hosted medical software suites and keep documents secure and accessible with hosted file solutions. 
    • Our team of IT experts is also able to advise your medical practice on the best apps and other technology tools that can streamline day-to-day functions.

Cloud computing

    • Mobilize your workflow with the latest hosted medical software suites, including eClinicalWorks, Acuant, Office Practicum, OpenDental, Itero, and more.
    • Keep your documents secure yet accessible with hosted file solutions such as Dropbox, hosted Office 365 email services, and hosted Dictation solutions.
    • Want even more? Add on hosted VoIP services for the ultimate workplace flexibility.

HIPAA Compliance

    • Medical practices need to adhere to extensive HIPAA requirements that can cost your team a lot of time. InterNetwork IT uses a comprehensive security audit system to automate HIPAA reporting that is necessary to achieve compliance—saving you hours, if not days, of time.
    • We’ll also handle any HIPAA remediation such as server migrations or email services that are necessary to achieve HIPAA compliance.
    • HIPAA compliant technology helps your practice streamline the patient collection process, access patient data faster and more efficiently, automate data management, and ensure that you are using the most updated technology.
    • Combined with our PCI Scanning Software and Remote Wipe Software, you have everything you need to meet HIPAA compliance.

I have known and used InterNetwork IT for over 3 years. Adam and his team are very professional and go the extra mile to help. Their services are reliable and reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Leroy Harrison, Practice Manager, A Plus Pediatrics and South Lake Pediatrics

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