Legal Package

Legal Package

IT services for law firms and legal offices

Security and confidentiality are your top priorities—so we make them ours, too. With our IT services for law firms, you’ll keep your clients and confidential communications safe and secure with our reliable email security, robust backup systems, and more.

From our extensive experience creating tailored IT services for law firms, we’ve learned what’s important to you, and created an IT package that’s the perfect fit.

24/7 monitoring

    • The ultimate peace of mind: we’ll configure your servers to automatically notify us if there’s any kind of issue. If your server goes offline for any reason, we’ll know within 5 minutes.
    • Anti-Virus actively reports to our system when anything suspicious is found—and quarantines it immediately.
    • Windows updates are automatically managed for desktops. Servers are manually updated once per month.
    • Web Filters can be added on a computer by computer basis to block employee access to specific websites.

Remote support

    • Did you know? Approximately 90–95% of IT issues can be resolved remotely. Our remote technical support team will keep you up and running faster and more efficiently than coming onsite.

Onsite support

    • For the times when your problem can’t be resolved remotely, our trained technicians are here to provide full onsite services. They’re on hand to help you with unresponsive computers, new desktop setup, and more.

Backup services

    • Protect your company data with offsite backups for all desktop computers.
    • Want even more protection? Ask us about our server backup services.

Email solutions

    • Keep your communications secure thanks to our Hosted Office 365 suite, offering Advanced Threat Protection, Encrypted Email Services, Full Spam and Malware Protection, and more.

Cloud computing

    • Mobilize your workflow with the latest hosted legal software suites, including Clio, NetDocs, Trialworks, and more.
    • Keep your documents secure yet accessible with hosted file solutions such as Dropbox, hosted Office 365 email services, and hosted Dictation solutions.
    • Want even more? Add on hosted VoIP services for the ultimate workplace flexibility.

Specialist software

    • Remote Wipe Software means you can wipe or disable a computer remotely in case of theft.
    • Record a dictation directly on your phone or dictation device and it’s immediately, securely transcribed with our Hosted Dictation Software.
    • Protect client data with PCI Scanning Software, which scans every single file on every computer for credit card numbers, social security numbers, and any other personal information. For the ultimate protection, it can even scan every attachment in every email.

InterNetwork IT, Adam & Nick are great! I like how easy and quick they resolve whatever computer issues we dealt with. Just one email or call away they are there to resolve IT problems.

Here is my recommendation... if you obsess about the outcomes for your business Internet, computer problems use InterNetwork IT.

Rosie Gleydura, Office Manager, Campione & Hackney, P.A.

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