August 25, 2020

How we protect businesses from email scams

Learn how our advanced software keeps you safe from viruses and unwanted intruders

To click or not to click: that is the question.

For most of us, email is one of the primary ways we communicate at work. And with so many emails piling up in our inboxes each day, even the smartest business brains get caught out once in a while.

Now for the bad news: even a single click on a malicious link in an email is enough to have devastating consequences for your company and its data.

We’re here to help! We offer a suite of IT security packages to keep your IT systems—including your email system—safe from viruses and unwanted intruders.

Join us to explore some of the advanced tools and monitoring software we use to protect your business from email scams.

Enhanced Office 365 security

Using an advanced layer of email scanning software, we can not only detect where the emails you receive are coming from, but also if it looks like phishing on top of just where the email is coming from.

Standard systems for phishing only check to see if is being sent from Office 365 or somewhere else (meaning it must be fake). You may notice this when you receive a reply from a company and it says [EXTERNAL] on their email.

This type of email security is configured to flag anything from outside the company by adding an [EXTERNAL] tag on the subject line. This can help prevent phishing scams that look like someone inside the company is emailing, when it’s really a scam attempt that’s coming from outside the email system.

For even better protection, Microsoft also continually builds a real-time database of anti-phishing, anti-malware, malicious email IP addresses, and fraudulent websites—so they know ahead of time before they even scan the email what is malicious and what isn’t.

Anti-phishing tests

On top of this, we also use an anti-phishing system that’s an essential educational tool for employees.

This system sends out fake phishing email scams to everyone in the company on a rotating schedule. Team members who click on the link and fill out a form will be redirected to educational resources to help them brush up on their email security knowledge.

Dark web monitoring

To help further protect your business from email scams, we offer active monitoring on the dark web to keep an eye on any email addresses that have been involved in a security breach.

Email security expertise

With over 8 years of experience keeping businesses across Central Florida protected, we know all there is to know about email security.

We stay on top of the latest online threats so you don’t have to! If you ever have questions or concerns about something suspicious in your inbox, we’re always only an email or phone call away.

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