July 27, 2020

Why should you hire a specialized IT company for your law firm?

Learn how tailored IT services for law firms can protect your clients and your data

For law firms to do their job well, they need the right technology to support them.

A robust IT infrastructure is an essential part of any legal practice, to take care of everything from securely storing sensitive client information to processing and organizing cases.

Instead of opting for an in-house IT department, many Central Florida law firms are realizing the benefits of hiring a specialized company to manage their IT operations.

Keep reading to learn why.

Technical expertise

The demands of the legal industry are unlike those faced by other types of businesses. To help you succeed, it’s essential to choose an IT partner who understands these unique challenges.

An experienced and specialized IT company will be well-versed in handling your industry-specific problems, because they’ve come across them time and time before.

Drawing on this prior experience, they’re much better placed to quickly identify and resolve these particular issues once they arise.

Enhanced security

When you work with confidential information on a daily basis, a data breach is very bad news for your clients—and for your reputation.

As part of their IT services for law firms, a specialized company will be able to offer you comprehensive security features that keep your business systems safe, by resolving any potential internal vulnerabilities and eliminating external cyber threats before they can cause any serious issues.

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Specialist software

When it comes to technology, law firms often have needs that are very different from any other industry. As well as ensuring your systems are in line with industry regulations and compliance procedures, a specialized IT company may be able to offer you specialist software with those exact needs in mind.

Specialist software for law firms can include:

  • Remote Wipe Software to wipe or disable a computer remotely in case of theft.
  • Hosted Dictation Software to securely transcribe, transmit and store dictated messages.
  • PCI Scanning Software to protect client data.

Looking for IT services for your law firm?

From our extensive experience creating tailored IT services for law firms and legal offices, we’ve learned what’s important to you—and we’ve created an IT package that’s the perfect fit.

To keep your clients and confidential communications safe and secure, our Legal IT Package offers:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Backup services
  • Email solutions
  • Cloud computing
  • Specialist software, and more.

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