April 9, 2020

How team chat technology can boost your internal communication

Keep your team connected and collaborative with the right team chat platform

No matter what the size of your company, effective team communication is an essential part of building a successful business.

The right communication tools can make the world of difference—whether your team is working remotely, across multiple offices, or even all in the same room.

For busy teams working on multiple projects, email is no longer enough to stay connected. This is where team chat technology comes in!

With a workforce more familiar and comfortable with using chat apps than ever before, businesses are now seeing the opportunities in using them to improve communication in the workplace.

Join us as we explore the benefits of team chat technology, plus our top picks of the best team chat software on the market.

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Keep connected

Team chat apps are a powerful collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. They allow teams to have a conversation, share ideas and keep up to date on projects, no matter where they are in the world.

Most team chat technology tools offer desktop and mobile versions, so team members can also stay in the loop on the go.

Streamline your communications

Many leading team chat platforms allow you to create channels for specific projects, clients, or topics. With this great organizational feature, it’s easy to keep everyone involved on the same page all the time.

Got a quick question for your colleague about a particular project? Forget having to craft an email with all the details! With team chat software, you can pull up the appropriate channel and shoot them a message in a matter of seconds.

Another pro: The built-in chat history feature can be invaluable when you need to quickly refer back to older information.

Easy integrations

As well as the ability to share links, images and documents with the click of a button, most team chat platforms also integrate with other technology tools like Google Drive, project management software such as Asana, and video conferencing apps like Zoom.

Inject some fun

With so many projects on the go at any one moment, we all need a break from time to time. Your team chat technology can help! Why not bring a little fun to the workday by creating a chat channel for more light-hearted, non-work related topics?

Our favorite team chat software


Slack is one of the world’s most popular workplace communication tools. It offers channels (group chat) as well as direct message (person-to-person chat), and supports integrations with many other leading technology tools.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows teams to keep in touch through chat, and includes other useful features like screen sharing and video meetings. Team leaders can tailor the Teams app within Office 365 to fit their specific needs. 

Google Chat

Offered to G Suite customers at no additional cost, Google Chat helps teams collaborate easily and efficiently with direct messages and group conversations. It also seamlessly integrates with the other products in the G Suite family.

With the right team chat technology, you’ll give your team all of the features they need to stay connected, keep productive, and collaborate with ease.

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