December 8, 2022

The importance of website security for businesses

Learn about the dangers of unsecured websites and how you can make your business’s website secure to build trust 


With 95% of website traffic across Google from HTTPS websites, it’s critical that your business has a secure website to build and maintain a quality reputation among Internet users and customers. [1]

Continue reading to learn more about why website security is important to build trust with customers. 

What are the dangers of a non-secure website?


If your website is not secure, customer data can easily be intercepted by hackers. Even if your business does not take online payments, any information submitted into a contact form or email subscription box are at risk. 

Along with putting your customer’s data at risk, insecure websites are at risk of getting blacklisted by Google. When a website is blacklisted by Google or another search engine, it is not shown in the search results and visitors will receive a notification on the website warning visitors not to stay on the site. 


Why is website security important?


There are many reasons why website security is important to the success of your business:

  • Builds trust. A secure website shows your customers that you care about their online experience and keeping their data secure. Securing your website shows visitors that you take their privacy seriously, and that you’ve taken extra steps to protect their information. Also, if a customer is in the process of choosing between a few different companies, the fact your website is secure might just be the extra push that encourages them to pick you.
  • Protect your business’s information. Along with putting your customer’s information at risk, an unsecured website can put your business’s private data and information at risk too. Hackers can easily find vulnerabilities in your system and then use this to install viruses on your website that then impact your business’s computers and other devices.
  • Maintain your reputation. Customers continue doing business with companies they trust and having a secure website is an easy way to show customers that your business and your website are trustworthy.


How can I make my website secure? 


A secure website shows your customers that your website is safe from hackers, giving them increased confidence to make purchases and enter personal information. In order to make your website secure, you must:

  • Utilize HTTPS. HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) is the secure version of HTTP that adds encryption to your business’s website. HTTPS allows website visitors to enter credit card information, contact information, banking information and login information as securely as possible. 

Implementing HTTPS provides website visitors and customers with assurance to enter their credit card information without fear of it being stolen by a hacker or leaked due to a data breach. 

  • Get a SSL certification. A SSL (secure sockets layer) certification creates an encrypted connection between your business’s website and the site visitor’s browser, allowing their data to stay secure and private. 

Once your business has purchased and installed an SSL certificate, your website’s HTTPS protocol will be activated. 

  • Add reCAPTCHA, where necessary. reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps to protect websites from spam by using tests that distinguish between a human visitor and an automated user. 

These tests are simple for humans to solve, but difficult for bots and automated software. A reCAPTCHA test may include deciphering hard to read text or matching images. 


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1: Google Transparency Report | HTTPS encryption on the web 

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