November 17, 2022

Six essential legal technologies that all law firms should have

Learn which technologies your law firm should adopt to improve efficiency and productivity 


The right legal technology can greatly help you and your team to improve your overall efficiency, amount of billable hours, and client satisfaction rate by ensuring you are working as productively as possible. 

With 79% of clients saying that working remotely with a lawyer is a key factor in hiring a law firm, it’s critical that your law firm is equipped with the right technology that allows your attorneys to best serve clients in the digital age. [1]

Continue reading to learn about six of the most important legal technologies to implement at your firm.


#1: Hosted dictation software 

Hosted dictation software can help save you and your team hours of billable time by transcribing speech immediately and securely. 

It’s important that your law firm choose a secure and high-quality dictation software that sends recordings through a hosted server automatically with no interaction to your assistant or paralegal for final transcription to provide your team with the most value.


#2: Legal mobile apps 

You and your team carry tablets or mobile devices wherever you go, and with hybrid and remote workplaces more popular than ever, it’s important that your team can access their work anywhere from any device. 

Many law firms have already transitioned from traditional on-premises software to cloud-based technology with app integrations. Cloud technology allows your team to easily access data and files from anywhere on any device just by logging into their account.

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#3: Time tracking software 

Any attorney knows how important it is to keep track of all of your billable hours to ensure you are appropriately compensated for your counsel, and time tracking software can help you with just that. 

Time tracking software for lawyers tracks how many hours you are working per week. Many time tracking software tools have the ability to go back and retroactively calculate your billable hours based on calls, texts, and emails with clients. It can also be used to improve and keep track of the productivity levels of your team.


#4: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network, or a VPN, establishes a secure, encrypted connection between your device and a public network. Without a VPN, you and your team’s IP addresses, which are unique to your home network, are visible to the public web.

It’s important that your legal team is able to work from anywhere while also keeping their information as well as their client’s information secure from hackers. Much of the information that attorneys look at everyday is highly confidential, and even something as simple as checking your email at lunch over a public network could put your information at risk.

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#5: Case management software

Case management software helps legal teams track deadlines, bill clients, manage client cases, and more. These tools provide you and your team with a clear overview of all case information from a single dashboard and allow you to link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to the appropriate case.

A quality case management tool will help to make your team’s daily tasks as smooth as possible. It can also help your team save time on tedious tasks so that they can focus on efforts that support the practice and their clients


#6: VoIP phone system

VoIP (Voice over IP) phone services are accessible through a high-quality broadband connection. A VoIP phone system is not only more convenient, but also typically more cost effective and scalable than traditional alternatives.

A VoIP number, also known as a virtual number, is completely portable, so you can use the same number wherever you go. This is especially helpful for when you and your team are traveling or at meetings outside of the office.


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1: Clio | Legal Trends Report Infographic 2021 

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