March 7, 2023

Remote IT support vs. onsite IT support: Which is right for your business?

Explore which form of outsourced technology support is best for your business


Technology is a crucial tool in running a business, and IT support plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and security of a business’s technology. Remote and onsite IT support are the two options available to businesses searching for an IT service provider. 

Continue reading to learn about the differences between these two types of IT support to determine which is best for your business. 


How does remote IT support work?

Remote IT support is when you outsource your IT services to a provider that resolves issues over the phone, live chat, and video support. Remote IT support gives your business flexibility, unlimited accessibility. With remote IT support, you are given more options in IT service providers worldwide by not being tied to a specific business location.  


How does onsite IT support work?

Onsite IT support is when your outsourced IT services are provided at your business location. With a reliable onsite service provider, you are provided with support for large projects or day-to-day work. Your on-site IT provider is able to have a greater understanding of your business operations and IT infrastructure. 



Remote IT support vs. on-site IT support: Which is best for you? 

The way your business functions will determine which type of IT support is best for you. Oftentimes, small businesses lean towards remote IT support to efficiently have technological support without the additional time commitment to cultivate an in-person partnership. 

Larger businesses often choose onsite IT support due to more complex processes and day-to-day needs. Small technological problems within a larger business should be addressed immediately in order to further prevent damage.

Figure 1 reveals the various differentiating factors of remote and onsite IT support. 


Figure 1: Remote IT support vs. onsite IT support 


Looking for a managed IT service provider?

At InterNetwork IT we provide both 24/7 remote support and reliable onsite support for large projects or day-to-day work. As your business’s trusted IT partner, our team of experts can help you and your team select the technology tools you need to succeed and facilitate setup and routine maintenance.

We have a wide range of solutions equipped to handle your IT needs including our IT security package, professional IT package, and managed IT services.


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