February 27, 2023

How can small businesses benefit from cloud computing?

Explore the advantages of cloud computing for small businesses 


Although once not widely adopted, cloud computing is now one of the most used aspects of running a growing business with a recent study finding 69% of companies accelerated their cloud migration over the last year. [1] 

Cloud computing contains many beneficial factors when it comes to running a business, especially smaller businesses. Continue reading to learn more about cloud computing and its advantages for a small business. 


What is cloud computing? 

Cloud computing is an offsite and easily accessible computer resource that allows businesses to store files or backups to dedicated servers with a cloud computing data center. 

The cloud computing data center allows for your business to perform the same tasks without storing your data into your own computers and servers. 


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What are the benefits of cloud computing for small businesses?

Cloud computing allows your small business to access and store data online instead of the alternative in-house hard drive. Here are five reasons your small business can benefit from cloud computing:

  • Data security 

A major concern when running a business is the potential of losing your data through cyber threats. Securing your data with cloud computing ensures the safety of your company. 

Cloud computing is especially beneficial to businesses when their cloud service providers are well-versed in cyber security measures. It gives you the opportunity to safeguard your data with smaller risks due to the authentication, encryption, and permissions.

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  • Cost reduction 

When it comes to running any business, money becomes a large factor. With cloud computing, your small business can see potential cost reduction. A monthly cost for your cloud business solutions alleviates the larger long-term cost of maintaining your own servers. 

  • Disaster recovery 

Data is crucial within a business, and losing data can be especially devastating for a small business. Luckily, cloud computing ensures that losing data is a thing of the past. 

With cloud computing, providers display accessibility to a multitude of copies, especially in emergency settings. Cloud computing services maintain backups and additional assurances to guarantee there is no loss of your business’s data. 

  • Competitive advantage 

With 75% of consumers believing that the usage of new technologies leads to better experiences, cloud computing allows your small business to have an advantage over your competitors with the beneficial usage of new technologies. [2] Incorporating the cloud into your small business will provide your company with a competitive advantage by accessing the latest technology and improving workflow.

  • Increased collaboration 

Collaboration and communication are key factors in running any business, and cloud computing has become one of the most efficient ways for a small business to collaborate. With the usage of cloud computing, your business is given the opportunity to access, edit, and share documents anytime.

The increased collaboration within your small business can be incorporated within remote teams as well. Cloud computing allows your team to access data anywhere and everywhere, allowing for an effective remote business. Your business will be able to connect your communication systems between your employees, clients, customer service, and suppliers. 


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