February 3, 2020

The top technology trends for 2020 that you need to know about now

Learn the latest technological innovations that are changing how we work, play and live

When it comes to technology, what does the rest of 2020 have in store for us?

New technological advancements come with the promise of improving our everyday lives, helping us to communicate better, and much more besides.

But which ones are here to stay? Join us as we explore the top technology trends for 2020 and beyond.

Voice activated… everything?

Most of us are already familiar with voice activated assistants on our phones and on smart speakers in our homes.

So what’s next for voice? Don’t be surprised to see this technology integrated into new household appliances in the near future. Improvements in artificial intelligence will (hopefully!) also mean that interactions with voice assistants become more natural and efficient.

Super security

With cyber crime on the rise, individuals and businesses are more concerned than ever about keeping their data safe. As consumers become increasingly security-savvy, they’ll be paying closer attention to privacy policies and whether or not businesses are PCI compliant.

Technology is leading the way in keeping our details secure, with multi-factor authentication and more sophisticated innovations like Face ID and fingerprint technology making it harder for hackers to access our personal data.

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Augmented reality

No longer just for entertainment purposes, augmented reality is also helping businesses to unlock new and exciting opportunities.

AR-powered virtual meetings can bring remote teams together and help companies connect with clients face to face, even if they’re halfway around the world. Other innovative applications of augmented reality include eye-popping digital advertising, 360-degree tours, and immersive product demos.

Remote working

In light of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, working remotely has become the new reality for many businesses around the world.

While no one can predict what the enduring impact might be, one thing is for certain right now: companies need to make sure their teams are equipped with all the tools they need to remain productive and stay secure while working remotely.

Think about how easy it is for your office to work remotely—and where any shortcomings may lie.

Some key things to look at:

  • VoIP Phones

Keeping connected with customers and colleagues is key. If your VoIP phone system has a mobile app (so you can make and receive work calls on your cell phone), does everyone in your team have it installed? Or perhaps they are able to take their desk phone home with them instead.

  • Servers

If your business relies on a server to be running in your office for access to software and files, it may be time to consider a hosted solution instead. This way, everyone can access everything they need no matter where they are.

  • Security

Strong encryption, robust passwords and enhanced security measures like 2 Factor Authentication are a must for work laptops that are being used remotely. You can learn more about password security here.

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