October 7, 2019

10 cyber security tips to keep your business safe

Learn how to protect your data, your assets and your clients from online threats

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Founded by the National Cyber Security Division of the Department of Homeland Security and the nonprofit National Cyber Security Alliance, the month raises awareness about the importance of cyber security.

For businesses, the operational impact of a cyber attack can be catastrophic. There are serious financial implications, too: according to the FBI, the cost of cyber crimes reached $2.7 billion in 2018 alone.[1]

Join us this October as we share our top 10 business cyber security tips to keep your data, your assets and your clients safe from online threats. 

Cyber Security Tip #1: Check your firewall

Your firewall is your first defense from outside invasion. It prevents people from being able to access data on a private network, so it’s critical to make sure it’s up to date and working properly.

Cyber Security Tip #2: Control access

To keep your business safe, we advise that you give your employees access to only the specific systems they need for their jobs. They should also not be able to install any software without permission.

Cyber Security Tip #3: Step up your password security

Learn how in our recent blog.

Cyber Security Tip #4: Back up your data

When your business data is backed up, you’re much better protected to recover from disasters. We recommend that you back up both your computer data and your server data.

Cyber Security Tip #5: Protect against theft and loss

Consider installing remote wipe software on all company laptops (and any other company devices that employees use out of the office) so they can be wiped or disabled remotely if they’re lost or stolen.

Cyber Security Tip #6: Train your team to spot a spam email

You can learn how here.

Cyber Security Tip #7: Keep software up to date

This includes your operating system, all computer programs, and any antivirus software.

Cyber Security Tip #8: Brush up on your browser security

Learn more in our recent blog.

Cyber Security Tip #9: Keep educated

Online attacks are becoming more sophisticated by the day, so it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge. Read cyber security news and blogs as much as you can to keep updated.

Cyber Security Tip #10: Consider dedicated IT support

Don’t have time to keep on top of the cyber security needs of your business? Consider hiring an experienced IT company to help. It’s their job to give you peace of mind by knowing all the latest threats and monitoring your security systems round the clock.

Need help with cyber security for your business?

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1: FBI 2018 Internet Crime Report

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