February 8, 2022

How to build a cyber security strategy for your business

Learn how to construct or strengthen your business’s cyber security measures


With most businesses relying on technology to complete their day-to-day operations, it’s important that your business’s technology systems are protected and secure from any potential cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, cybercrime has become an increasingly prevalent issue that all businesses need to be aware of; it’s estimated that cyber crime will cost businesses $10.5 trillion worldwide by 2025. [1]

Continue reading to learn how your business can properly set up or significantly improve your cyber security strategy. 


What is a cyber security strategy? 

A cyber security strategy is a high-level plan that outlines how your business will secure its assets and prevent cyber attacks, often created with a three to five year timeframe in mind. These strategies should also be adaptable to the current cyber threat landscape.

A strong cyber security strategy is essential for businesses looking to transition from a reactive to proactive cyber security approach. This strategy will ensure your business is prepared for a cyber threat and provide guidance on what actions to take should an attack occur. 


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What is the goal of a cyber security strategy?

There are three main goals to a strong cyber security strategy: prevent, contain, and restore

Your business’s first goal should be to prevent any data breaches from occurring with actions such as stopping malware delivery and preventing unauthorized access. 

The next goal is to contain and limit the amount of damage in the case your prevention measures fail. This step is often overlooked because although many businesses have preventative security measures, most do not have a plan if their network is breached. 

Finally, your business’s last goal is to restore and recover your system and data. It’s important that your business can regain access to your technology systems as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 


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What makes a strong cyber security strategy? 

There are several ways that your business can create a strong cyber security strategy: 

#1: Endpoint security. Endpoints are any access points into your network, such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. These are very vulnerable locations because users will often click on suspicious links or open unknown attachments. Endpoint security tools include anti-virus and anti-malware software, and even more robust options, such as URL filtering and firewalls. 

#2: Employee training. It’s crucial that your employees are well trained in best cyber security practices. They should be kept-up-to date about new fraud schemes or cyber security risks and understand to never respond or open suspicious emails or messages.

#3: Multi-factor authentication. Password hacks are one of the easiest ways that cyber criminals can access your networks, so it’s a good idea to implement multi-factor authentication on your business’s devices. Multi-factor authentication requires a secret code in addition to a password to access a device or network.

#4: Regular maintenance. One simple way of staying on top of security measures is regularly updating your business’s devices and software. You can even set up automatic updates for a time that works best for your business.

#5: Data backup. Important documents and files containing sensitive information should be backed up regularly to ensure that in the case of a data breach, you can restore all your business’s critical information.

#6: Disaster recovery plan. Your business should create a disaster recovery plan that outlines what needs to be done to restore your business’s systems should you suffer a cyber attack. A disaster recovery plan will help to mitigate any damage caused by a data breach.


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1: Embroker | 2022 Must-Know Cyber Attack Statistics and Trends

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