March 3, 2022

Seven advantages of VoIP for your business

Learn how your business could benefit from choosing a VoIP phone solution 


If you’re looking to upgrade your company’s communication, you’ve probably heard of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as an alternative to traditional telephone systems.

A VoIP phone solution is a great and affordable way to enhance your business’s internal and external communication. The systems are easy to use and fully-featured, giving your team all the tools they need to help your business succeed. 

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of choosing VoIP for your business. 

#1: Low cost

In business, it’s important to save money in any way you can without sacrificing the quality of services with a solution like a VoIP phone system.

When your business makes a phone call over a traditional landline, one line is taken up by the two people on the call. There are only so many telephone lines installed, so call expenses can quickly add up, especially if they’re long distance. 

VoIP for business offers long-distance and international phone calls for a lot less than traditional telephone systems, and on most VoIP plans there are no upfront equipment costs to pay.

#2: Versatility 

The versatility of VoIP phone solutions allows your team to be as productive as possible.

VoIP phones include a feature that allows voicemail-to-text transcriptions to be sent directly to your inbox, so you never miss any important client messages. You can also easily forward these transcriptions to anyone on your team that needs the information. 

#3: Portability 

A VoIP number, also known as a virtual number, is completely portable, so you can use the same number wherever you go.

The feature is especially helpful if you’re traveling, and if you ever move office locations, you can keep the same phone number. 

With a VoIP phone system, your team is no longer tied to the office to communicate with customers and fellow team members. As long as they have an internet connection, your team members are free to work from  different locations around the world.

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#4: Reliable 

A common misconception surrounding VoIP phone systems is that if a business loses power or their internet connection, they lose their phones as well.

VoIP phones have call forwarding capabilities, so in the event of a power outage, phone calls can be redirected to your team members’ personal phones, laptops, or tablets. 

VoIP phone solutions also provide clearer voice quality, meaning less interruptions for you and your team when you’re taking calls and holding meetings. 

#5: Scalable 

With new team members, new office locations, and new opportunities, your business is always evolving.

When you have a VoIP communication system, you’re equipped with all the tools required to meet these changing needs. You can order new phone numbers or extensions, and deactivate or reassign others, all via a fully-accessible, online dashboard. Plus, unlike traditional phone systems, new cables do not need to be installed by specialized technicians.

#6: Secure 

VoIP phone solutions are also a secure telecommunication option for your business because if your network is secure, your VoIP phone is secure as well. 

In addition to a secure network, partnering with the right IT service provider will ensure secure transmissions, so your voice data won’t risk being intercepted.

Your team should also be aware of best VoIP security practices, such as using a strong password and reporting any unusual activity like missing voicemails. 

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#7: Advanced features 

A robust VoIP solution will give you all that your business needs to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and prospects.

Comprehensive VoIP systems will include extensive call routing features and integration with leading applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook.  

Your business can also add additional VoIP features like call recording as needs change. Call recording can provide many benefits to current and future team members for referencing and training purposes. 

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