February 1, 2022

Seven reasons to choose an Orlando IT company

Learn why a local Orlando IT company is the best choice for your business


There are many factors to consider when choosing a company for managed IT services, with location being one of the most important. 

While there are many different IT solutions available, a local Orlando IT company is the best choice for you and your business because they know the landscape of your business’s area and are aware of its unique challenges. 

Continue reading to learn more about why you should choose an Orlando IT company. 


#1: On-site availability 

When IT problems arise, it’s important that your IT partner is able to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

While a local Orlando IT company will provide remote support for daily functions, they’ll also be able to come to your business location should a problem arise. Some IT issues can be fixed much more efficiently by someone on-site rather than someone in a different location. If a critical system is down, it can be frustrating to rely and wait on a remote IT company to fix the issue off site.

If you only want remote IT support, it’s also helpful to work with a company in the same city and time zone, so they are working at the same time as your business to respond as quickly as possible. 


#2: Constant monitoring 

With the average cost of IT downtime being $5,600 per minute, security services like 24/7 monitoring are critical to keeping your business’s daily operations up and running. [1]

Constant monitoring means that an IT expert is always able to respond should your business experience an IT issue causing downtime, such as a data breach. This allows issues to get resolved faster, allowing your business to focus on its operations. 


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#3: Local market knowledge 

Choosing an Orlando IT company allows you to partner with another member of the Orlando business community. A local IT company knows the business makeup of your area as well as the strengths and challenges you may face as a part of the community.

A local IT partner is also aware of any location-specific requirements your business may need to meet. They are also knowledgeable of the local infrastructure, such as Internet speeds, and may know of a better solution that can optimize your business’s performance. 


#4: Industry expertise 

A local Orlando IT company will have experience in a wide range of professional industries, such as legal and medical. These industries often have certain security and technological requirements, and it’s important that you trust your IT company to help your business fulfill those requirements.

Ideally, your local IT company should have experience providing IT support to other businesses in your industry. 


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#5: Employee training 

Your business’s technology and software can present challenges to your employees. You may find that some of your employees are unfamiliar with the latest technologies and struggle to implement it into their daily work functions. 

A remote IT partner may provide you with training materials, but they cannot be on-site to train employees, answer questions, and work one-on-one with your employees.

On the other hand, a local IT company is able to come to your business and lead an on-site training session to ensure that all of your employees know how to best utilize the technology. 


#6: Growth opportunities 

It’s important to choose an Orlando IT company that you can envision staying with your business long term as it grows. When your business grows, your technological needs will evolve as well, and a local IT company is well-adapted to these changes.


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#7: Personalized service

Every business is different and comes with unique needs and challenges, and a local IT company recognizes that.

You will likely have many opportunities to meet your local IT company, allowing your business to receive a more personalized service experience than with a remote partner. 


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1: Gartner | The Cost of Downtime 


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