July 14, 2020

Hurricane Survival Guide for Businesses

Is your IT infrastructure ready to weather the storm?

Hurricane Season is already upon us. And with forecasters predicting that 2020 will be a very active year for tropical storms, it’s essential that you have a hurricane preparedness plan for your business in place.

According to FEMA, 90% of smaller companies fail within a year unless they can resume operations within 5 days following a disaster, such as a hurricane. [1]

Whether you’re in the direct path of the storm or not, hurricanes can wreak havoc with your computers, communication systems, and IT infrastructure. These disruptions in operations can cost you a lot in the short term—and they may also have a long-lasting impact on your relationships with customers, vendors, and more.

To help you, we’ve created a hurricane survival guide for businesses that details the IT considerations you should be aware of.

Keep reading to learn the steps you should take to prepare and protect your business, before disaster strikes.

Create an IT inventory

In the event of a hurricane, all of your assets are at risk: networks, data, IT equipment, and more.

Taking stock of your assets is the very important first step in our hurricane survival guide for businesses. You can prevent future headaches by taking the time now to create a complete IT inventory that answers the following:

  • Where are the assets located?
  • Which assets are critical to operations?
  • Are these assets owned or insured?
  • If assets are leased, what is your responsibility if they are damaged?

Backups for desktops and servers

It’s always surprising how many businesses overlook this critical step!

Strong winds and flooding caused by hurricanes can destroy on-site computers and servers. To safeguard against on-premises damage, you should ensure your data is backed up offsite.

Consider the cloud

Cloud-based systems can be a great option for disaster recovery. Because your software and services run on the internet instead of locally, you can gain access no matter where you are—and get your business back up and running quicker than ever.

An experienced IT company can advise you on the best cloud solutions for your needs.

Keep your team informed

No matter the size of your team, clear communication is essential. This is especially true during a disaster! Consider implementing a mass communication system so you have the ability to relay vital information to your employees.

Be prepared for remote work

Right now, many of us are more familiar than ever with working remotely. By giving your teams the tools they need to successfully work from elsewhere, you’ll prevent any operational disruptions in case your office is closed from hurricane-related power outages or internet outages.

Read our previous blog for the IT considerations you should address to create a successful remote working environment.

How to get started

By following the steps outlined in this hurricane survival guide, you’ll keep your business prepared and protected in case disaster strikes. Our advice: start today!

Need help? We offer a wide range of IT services to keep your Central Florida business running smoothly. We’re also here to help you get back up and running after the impact of a hurricane or other disaster.

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