May 24, 2019

New computers, new phones, it’s a new day!

Is your business technology slowing you down?

At InterNetwork IT, we love what we do and we want you to share in our experience. Sometimes the best solution to a repeating problem isn’t to keep attacking it head on, but to come around from the side with new equipment.

New equipment does more than give your employees a faster, more enjoyable work experience. It also assists your IT group in rectifying any issues, which results in less downtime, which results in more money for your company.

This also extends to phone systems and not just the computer at your desk. We offer VoIP Phone Services that you can take with you anywhere in the world! We offer fully customizable phone routing, HD audio quality, multiple phones to choose from, plans to fit your budget, and more. You want it? We got it!

Use your phone system anywhere in the world

With our new VoIP phone services, you can take your business with you anywhere in the world! We have a comprehensive, ‘do anything you want’ phone service that also allows you to travel anywhere, any time, and still make and receive your business calls directly from your cell phone.

Your clients think you’re hard at work, but really we know you’re on a beach in Fiji.

Fully customizable, completely mobile, multiple phone options, and at a great price! What more could you want?

New computers actually increase your income

We all know that a nice new computer helps your employees work more efficiently, but it goes beyond that. New computers also help your IT group troubleshoot and fix issues 10 times faster on average compared to an old, out of date system.

Benefits for the end user:

1) No more long wait times during reboots.

2) No more waiting on software to open and operate properly.

3) Cut down on slowness caused by Multi-Tasking and having multiple windows and programs open at one time.

4) Higher production value for the end user.

Benefits for IT Support:

1) No more long wait times during reboots (this can be surprisingly common, waiting on a computer to reboot takes almost the same amount of time as fixing the entire issue).

2) Scans such as anti-virus scans are drastically reduced. At times an old old hard can take upwards of 45-60 minutes to run a single scan, where as on a new computer it can be cut down to 5-10 minutes.

3) Time on software installations are reduced.

4) New Computers setups often times can be reduced from 2-3 hours down to 1 hour, due to the number of programs to be installed and the repeated reboots necessary to complete the setup.

Put simply: Faster computers equal more production value from your employees and less downtime when issues arise, and less downtime equals more income for your company.

We want to help your business succeed as your trusted IT partner.

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