October 11, 2021

The ultimate guide to IT solutions for your dental practice

Learn how updated technology and IT support can help your dental office succeed

Implementing top of the line technology at your dental practice can provide your patients with more efficient and effective care while helping you with the unique technological needs of your office.

The right IT solutions for your dental practice will provide you with reduced downtime, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring to detect potentially technology  problems. The best solutions can help to eliminate issues early on to avoid network and equipment damage, allowing you to focus on what’s important—your patients. 

Continue reading to learn more about how IT support can benefit your dental practice. 

Utilize HIPAA compliant software.

It’s important that dental practices use HIPAA compliant cloud-based technology in order to keep patient data and information secure. Patients need to trust their dental practice and knowing that their information is safe is the first step. 

Many dental practices may be apprehensive about transitioning their information to an online, cloud-based system because of the news of security breaches and ransomware attacks. However, information collected by the cloud is completely secure when all aspects of the technology are HIPPA-compliant.

HIPAA compliant technology can help your practice streamline the patient collection process, access patient data faster and more efficiently, automate data management, and ensure that you are using the most updated technology.

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Our 2021 HIPAA Compliance Checklist 

Consider replacing outdated technologies

Technology is constantly changing in many industries, and the dental industry is no exception. Innovative technologies can help patients receive a more comprehensive idea of their dental health. 

There are a wide variety of new dental technologies that your practice should consider implementing to better serve your patients including:

  • 3D printing. This technology has recently been implemented in the healthcare field and offers the potential to print medicines, prosthetics, and even replicas of organs. In dentistry, 3D printing can be used for crowns, aligners, and implants. 
  • Digital x-rays. This type of x-ray reduces the amount of radiation exposure while still providing the same accurate images as traditional x-ray machines. 
  • Laser cavity detection. Even experienced dentists and dental hygienists can miss cavities. Laser cavity detection technology assists dentists in detecting cavities, helping to detect cavities earlier and more accurately. 

How can IT solutions for a dental practice help?

IT solutions can provide your dental practice with all the tools you need to treat your patients with confidentiality and compassion.

  • 24/7 monitoring gives your dental office the ultimate peace of mind. Your IT team will configure your servers to notify them if there’s any type of issue or if they go offline. If anything suspicious is found, anti-virus automatically reports it to their system. Also, Windows updates are automatically managed and servers are automatically updated once a month. 
  • Cloud-based technology helps to mobilize your office and workflow with eClinicalWorks, Itero, and OpenDental. Your dental practice can keep documents and data safe and secure with DropBox, Office 365, and hosted dictation services.
  • Backup services can help protect your dental office’s data in secure offsite backups for all desktops. The right IT team also offers server backup services for added security and protection.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services allow your team to get calls from anywhere at any time. VoIP is a scalable option that can grow with your dental practice as you add more team members or a new office location. 

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Our team of professional IT experts understands that confidentiality and efficiency are critical to the success of your dental practice. Our medical IT service package helps your team keep your patient records and communications private and secure with hosted email services, 24/7 monitoring, remote support, and more! 

“Everyone is amazing and so hard working! All of us here at Martin Orthodontics appreciate all that you do!”

— Taylor, Martin Orthodontics

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