August 24, 2021

What to consider before buying new business technology

Learn the best practices for investing in new technology for your business


Buying new technology for your business is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and discussion with your team about whether the upgrades are worth the investment. 

Most upgrades are often worth it because efficient and updated technology can greatly help your business grow and keep your team productive. Before deciding what components of your tech suite to change, it’s important to know what technology is best suited for your team’s unique needs. 

Continue reading to learn what to consider before buying new business technology and what solutions may work best for your business.


VoIP phone services and cloud technology are great to access your information anywhere.


Is your current technology slowing down your business?

Outdated technology can slow your business and your team down. Here are some signs to look out for to see if your business technology is slowing down your employees: 

  • Reduced productivity. If your team begins to experience increased lag times and software productivity problems on a day to day basis, it may be time to upgrade your system. If there are no other explanations for a decrease in productivity and efficiency, your outdated business technology is likely the cause. 
  • High energy costs. Older technology usually uses more energy than newer models that are created with energy-saving technology in mind. If your business’s utility bill is higher than expected, investing in newer business technology may be the solution.
  • Excessive downtime. Outdated and unreliable technology may cause your business to experience a lot of downtime. Downtime wastes your employees and your customers’ time and could cause your business to have a poor reputation.


Updated and efficient technology leads to happier and productive employees.


What does your business need from your technology?

Before your business decides to buy new technology, it’s important that you have a clear idea about exactly what your team is looking for in new business technology. 

Talk to your employees to get an idea of what they feel could be improved with the technology. New technology can be a great asset to improve your business, and there are many types of business technology your team can consider such as: 

  • VoIP phone services. VoIP, voice over IP, refers to a phone service that is accessible through a high-quality broadband connection. VoIP phone services are more cost-effective and scalable than traditional alternatives. 
  • High speed internet. High-speed internet access is critical for all reputable businesses. Having high-speed internet allows your business to take advantage of services such as VoIP, online backup, and other new technology that requires a fast and reliable internet connection. 
  • New computers. It’s important that your team has up to date and reliable computers so they can work efficiently. Computers with plenty of memory, storage space, a fast processor, and a high-quality screen are best.
  • Security measures and antivirus software. Keeping your business’s data and sensitive information safe is a top priority. Purchase a firewall for each of your computers and your local network. Antivirus software is another critical security technology that your business should purchase.


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Consider your future business goals. 

It’s important to purchase business technology that can grow and adapt as your business grows and your team’s needs evolve. It’s important to think about the long-term goals of your business and how your technology can help get you there. 

As your business grows, you’ll likely require more storage space, more data protection measures, and scalable technology. Cloud-based solutions are a great option for technology that can grow with your business. 

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