January 12, 2023

How to protect yourself from all types of email cyber threats

Learn how to detect and protect your identity and your business from threats sent by cyber criminals via email 


For many of us, email is one of our primary forms of communication at work, but with cyber criminals sending over three billion emails a day as part of phishing attacks designed to look like they come from trusted senders, it’s important to stay vigilant when sifting through your inbox. [1]

Keep reading to learn how to detect and protect yourself and your business from email cyber threats. 


Why is it important to learn about email cyber threats?

The threat of cyber criminals has made internet users increasingly wary of scams attacking and revealing private information.

It is important that you are well-versed in spotting, preventing, and protecting yourself from suspicious emails in order to avoid compromised data and virus installation on your devices.

Being able to consistently recognize and avoid scam email attempts is a key component to strong cyber security practices both in your personal and work life.


What are the main types of cyber email threats? 

There are many different types of email scams used by cyber criminals such as phishing, spoofing, malware delivery, credential theft via email, and malicious bots. The most commonly used threats are phishing and spoofing.

Phishing is a type of online scam that is used to steal user data, such as logins and credit card information through email. Spoofing, although similar to phishing, uses the email to make it appear that the cyber criminal is someone of high importance that needs information from you.

A common example of phishing emails is the usage of trusted companies and people you know asking for help or information to exploit the human tendency to trust familiarity. Figure 1 is an example of a phishing email using the U.S. National Security Agency, a trusted and familiar federal agency, to trick its victims.


Figure 1: Example of a cyber criminal acting as the National Security Agency in a phishing email.


How to protect yourself against cyber-criminal email threats

In order to protect yourself from an email scam, you must learn to easily identify a suspicious email. Some hackers are very successful in their malicious design, while others are more obvious and easily dismissed. 

Learn how to recognize email scams to prevent identity theft, fraud, and other detrimental consequences. Figure 2 describes five simple ways to recognize these suspicious emails to help protect yourself from falling victim.

Figure 2: Five ways to spot a cyber criminal’s email threat.

What should you do if you receive a scam email

If you suspect that you have received a cyber criminal threat via email, there are many actions you may take, but the most important is to NOT open the message, click any links, or attachments. This act protects you from risking any further personal information or facing detrimental consequences. 

Once you’ve verified that the email is a cyber threat, it is best to report it to your email provider. Reporting the threat drives your email provider to reassess and strengthen its filters, and helps you become less likely to receive these harmful emails in the future.

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1: Valimail | Email Fraud Landscape Spring 2021  

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