January 5, 2023

Top five small business technology trends you will see in 2023

Explore the five tech trends successful small businesses will follow this year


Technology trends have been influencing the business sphere for the past few years but there is a larger shift being predicted to dominate the business world over the next 12 months. 

Small businesses are beginning to formulate growth strategies based on technology trends. These technological trends can create a strong competitive advantage for your small business. 

Continue reading to learn about the five technological trends being utilized by small businesses in 2023.


#1: Zero-trust cyber security


Unfortunately, small businesses are frequently targeted by cyber criminals with 46% of all cyber breaches affecting organizations with less than 1,000 team members. [1] With this in mind, cyber security should be taken more seriously by small business owners in 2023.

Zero-trust cyber security will become more popular this year since it takes a more unique network approach to cyber security based on the idea of continuous verification. Zero trust cyber security measures include multi factor authentication, SAML, SSO, and advanced identity tools. 

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#2: Sustainability

This year, sustainability will become a key consideration for new technological investments.

Savvy business owners will be considering the environmental costs of the technology they utilize. Consider the consumption and origination of rare Earth components in items like computer chips and rethink the impact of your supply chain. Being more energy efficient at your small business will create a more sustainable company, which will only have a positive impact on consumer demand. 


#3: Technology-assisted client interactions

Technology-assisted client interactions have been on the rise in recent years, and will continue for years to come.

Tech-assisted transactions can ease communication with clients and create a competitive advantage for your small business. 


#4: Technological automation

Technological automations are a great low budget opportunity for business growth this year. Automation tools are a simple way to interpret applications, handle data, process transactions, track open and response rates, and calculate conversions.

The usage of automation within your business can offer many benefits such as:

  • Higher productivity
  • Cost saving
  • Increased compliance 
  • Better financial insight 

Automating certain repetitive tasks will free up your valuable employees to spend their time working on complex tasks and projects that drive company profit. 


#5: Cloud technology

Successful small business leaders will invest more in the cloud this year to provide flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to their technology platforms and employees. 

Many small business owners will continue to integrate cloud technology into their business operations in 2023, doubling down on this proven investment rather than spending on unproven emerging technologies.

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1: Verizon | 2021 SMB Data Breach Statistics

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