April 24, 2024

Podcast: Navigating AI for law firms and solo practitioners

Hear insights from IT expert Adam Alexander on the Legal Talk Network

In a recent episode of the Legal Talk Network podcast’s “New Solo,” host Adriana Linares interviews Internetwork IT’s president, Adam Alexander. They explored the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and security, especially the integration of AI and its impact on solo practitioners and small law firms. Continue reading to explore the key takeaways from the enlightening discussion.

AI Copilot

Revolving around the conversation on AI, Adam discusses the new concept of AI Copilot, integrated tools enhancing both Windows and Mac experiences. AI Copilot is a sophisticated, intelligent system that collaborates with users, offering ongoing guidance and tailored assistance for various tasks.

AI Copilot learns from user interactions, adapts to individual needs, and provides relevant suggestions during complex processes. This AI tool, including Windows Copilot, Edge Copilot, and Copilot for Microsoft 365, streamlines tasks and improves productivity, offering features like converting handwriting to text and summarizing documents.


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Key interview takeaways:

#1: Security settings and backups

Highlighting the critical nature of security in today’s digital age, Adam emphasized the need for regular checks on security settings and the benefits of offsite backups to protect against costly data breaches.


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#2: Upgrading to Windows Pro for enhanced security

For legal professionals, upgrading to Windows Pro is advisable due to advanced security features like BitLocker, which provides encryption to protect sensitive data. One of the biggest reasons to run Pro in Windows is BitLocker. It’s a necessity of a security feature,” Adam stated.


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#3: PCI compliance and data protection

PCI compliance involves using basic security practices to protect payment data, prevent breaches, and build customer trust. It secures data to reduce the risk of fees and penalties after a breach. Adam touched on PCI compliance for payment processing, ensuring additional security measures are implemented when handling sensitive client information.


#4: Microsoft 365 Defender

Comprehensive security tools such as Microsoft 365 Defender can protect against threats across email, OneDrive, and other Microsoft services. Adam emphasizes, “Microsoft Defender antivirus is far more efficient than the old ways of doing antivirus.” He also claimed its effectiveness for solo law practitioners.


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#5: VPN for public settings

Adam advised on the importance of using a VPN when working in public spaces to secure data transmission and protect sensitive client information.


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Embracing advanced security measures and AI integration is essential for law firms to stay ahead, secure, and efficient in today’s complex digital landscape.


Listen to the whole podcast for more tech insights below
Legal Talk Network | AI And The Evolving Security Threats (And Protections)


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