August 8, 2023

What business owners need to know about Microsoft 365

Insights from an interview with Adam Alexander on the Legal Talk Network’s podcast

Adam Alexander, Internetwork IT’s president, shares how Microsoft 365 can save businesses money on IT services and improve cybersecurity. Learn more about his interview on the
Legal Talk Network’s podcast: The Microsoft 365 Special – Your Questions, Expert Answers. 

Most likely, you are familiar with Microsoft products if you work on a computer. Many workplaces have been using Microsoft software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for decades; you may have also heard about Microsoft 365 for business. For a monthly fee, you can access all Microsoft applications available online via their cloud services, which are accessible from anywhere. Continue reading and explore the key takeaways from the Microsoft 365 podcast special.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool for business. It has productivity, communication, and project management tools under one roof. The monthly package features cloud storage and enterprise-level security. Sharepoint, an online document management system and communication site, makes collaboration and remote/hybrid work easy.

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Key interview takeaways:

1: Cloud services

Here at Internetwork IT, we encourage our clients to switch to a cloud-based system for enterprise rather than an on-prem server system. Having cloud services can save you IT headaches. Internetwork IT’s President, Adam Alexander, shares his take on cloud services: “With a traditional on-prem server system, all of your emails are tied to your internet connection and the power in your building, plus it’s tied to your server actually working.” 

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2: Cost

Online management systems are less expensive to operate than servers. “With traditional on-prem servers, we need backups that can immediately run the server that just died because we can’t be down. We’re adding costs for internet. We are adding costs for backups. We’re adding costs for having a server, plus your managed service IT provider will usually charge you two to three times per month for a server, which is what a desktop will cost. So now you’re looking at probably $250 to $350 a month just to have a server, where all that cost can go away, all of the liability on you goes away just by using something like 365,” explains Adam.

Microsoft 365’s business basic plans start at $6 user/month and offer these features:

  • Web and mobile versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook only
  • Chat, call, meet up to 300 attendees
  • 1 TB of cloud storage per user
  • Business-class email
  • Manage customer appointments
  • Standard security
  • Anytime phone and web support [1]

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3: Cybersecurity

Ransomware attacks have shown no signs of slowing down in 2023. During the interview, Adam explains a common example of how ransomware attacks an on-prem server: “Let’s say you open an email, you click on the link. It looks like a FedEx email, and you go through the process. It’s downloading ransomware in the background. You’re not going to know it, and as it’s doing that, it encrypts everything it can touch on your actual desktop computer or laptop. Then, it will search for network drives, and as soon as it finds one, it will encrypt everything it can touch on that drive, essentially encrypting your entire server. So now all your PCLaw or whichever software you’re using is encrypted. So after it finally finishes all of that and says, ‘Okay, there’s nothing else I can find,’ it pops up to Windows saying, ‘Okay, you’ve got 72 hours to pay us,’ et cetera.”

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Utilizing cloud-based apps, such as Microsoft 365 for enterprise, instead of a physical server can protect your business from ransomware attacks. “If you’re using apps on the cloud, there’s no server on-site to encrypt. It can’t touch a website. It can’t get to that external access,” concludes Adam.

Listen to the whole podcast for more tech insights below 

Legal Talk Network | The Microsoft 365 Special: Your Questions, Expert Answers


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1: Microsoft | Transform your enterprise with Microsoft 365

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