August 8, 2022

Top seven most helpful small business technology tools for your team

Explore our top technology picks for small businesses to improve productivity and efficiency


As a small business owner, you are likely juggling many tasks at once, so it’s important to implement all the technology you can to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

It’s been shown that small businesses that fully utilize technology earn two times more revenue per employee and experience nearly four times the revenue growth annually. [1]

Continue reading to learn about the best technologies for small businesses to increase efficiency and protect against potential hacking attempts. 


#1: Artificial intelligence antivirus

Artificial intelligence (AI) based antivirus software is known as limited memory artificial intelligence. It is unique in that it makes decisions based on what it learns by constantly examining and learning new threats.

Utilizing AI antivirus software is more effective than a traditional antivirus software for your small business because it uses reason and experience to evaluate threats as well as monitor your processes, files, and registry changes during your team’s computer use. If needed, it will also automatically disconnect your computer from the network to maintain security. 


#2: Customer relationship management (CRM) tool

Every business relies on their customers and consumers for the majority of their success. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a cloud-based software that lets you track, manage, and measure the stages of your business’s relationships with both potential leads and existing customers.

CRM tools give you information on who is receiving, opening, and reading your emails or visiting your website. This tool will also tell you how long it has been since you’ve contacted clients, which will help your business maintain and strengthen these relationships. 


#3: Project management platform 

As a small business owner, it can be difficult to constantly keep track of all your different responsibilities. A project management platform can help you and your employees assign, manage, and complete tasks efficiently and effectively, which is critical to customer satisfaction.

Project management platforms are even more helpful with the growing popularity of hybrid and remote workplaces. Project management tools are cloud-based technologies, so your team can keep track of assignments on any device at any time. 


#4: Backup services

It’s critical for any business—regardless of size—to have a clear and strong data backup plan to ensure business continuity in the event of any form of disaster. Data disasters can be anything from lost or stolen devices to a ransomware attack to severe office flooding. 

There are two options for backups for your business: 

  • A cloud based backup service means that your business’s desktop computers, data, and applications are stored over the internet in the cloud. 
  • Server backups mean that a local device plugs into your company’s network and conducts a local and offsite backup of all data. 


#5: Synced calendar 

A synced calendar, like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar, helps you and your team stay on the same page about meetings, work trips, assignments, and more. 

Many small businesses use either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for their business operations. Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar are able to integrate with the other apps on these platforms to help streamline your team’s tasks and easily keep track of deadlines.


#6: Anti-phishing tests

Anti-phishing tests send out a ‘fake’ email to everyone in the company on a rotating schedule for continued email security education.

It’s important to provide regular and extensive cyber security training for your employees, and anti-phishing tests are an easy and effective way to test your employees’ ability to detect these scam emails


#7: Cloud storage technology 

Cloud storage is any software or service that runs on the internet, instead of locally on your business’s computer or server. Most cloud services can be accessed through a web browser or dedicated mobile apps.

With the cloud, you and your team can access files and data from any device, at any location as the data is stored on remote servers rather than a computer. Microsoft 365, Google Drive, iCloud, and DropBox all use the cloud.


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1: Semrush | 73 Remarkable Small Business Statistics to Know

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