January 6, 2021

The top 5 most important aspects of an IT audit in 2021

Learn what an IT audit can offer your business in the new year

If you’re a business owner, there’s no doubt that 2020 showed you just how vital technology is to your company. Without technology, you wouldn’t have been able to pivot to working from home or transform your business model to fit society’s “new normal”.

With the hope of a new year upon us, you must start setting goals and enacting business plans for 2021. One of the most important considerations you must make this year is examining your technology.

It’s time to ask yourself:

  • Are my IT systems helping me work most efficiently?
  • Are my security measures adequate enough to ward off modern cyberthreats? 

These are just two of the many questions that can be answered by conducting an audit of your technology systems.

Join us as we explain the most important aspects of an IT audit in 2021, and how it can best prepare your business for the year ahead. 

#1: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has without a doubt become one of the most important aspects of an IT audit in 2021, especially with the increase in online scams that occurred during the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The growth in the number of remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute-force attacks went from 100,000 to 150,000 per day in January and February 2020 to nearly a million per day at the beginning of March and email scams related to COVID-19 surged 667% in March 2020. [1,2] These staggering statistics underscore just how vital it is for your business to be as well equipped with cybersecurity measures as possible. 

A comprehensive IT audit can analyze:

  • If your antivirus software is active and up to date
  • If your company software is up to date
  • If all your drives are encrypted, and
  • If your employees are properly trained on how to spot email spoofing and other types of scams. 

#2: Disaster recovery 

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan is essential for every type of business—regardless of type or size. Depending on your needs, these plans can be simple or complex. However they’re structured, they’re extremely important when looking to prepare for the unexpected. 

Disaster recovery plans can be formed to support your business during any type of crisis, whether it be a natural disaster that causes physical technology issues or a security breach that comprises your data.

An IT audit will help you answer these questions:

  • Do you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for your business?
  • If so, is the plan properly prepared to support your business during every type of possible crisis?
  • What’s your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) for key IT assets? Are you certain you can achieve it?

#3: Remote workplace infrastructure

While many Americans experienced working from home before last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a vast majority of offices to shut down and send their employees home to work remotely.

With 2021 ushering in positive change, there is promise that many companies can bring their employees back into the office at some point during the year. However, many businesses may still choose to keep their employees working remotely.

This new work from home lifestyle requires businesses to consider if their company has the right technical infrastructure in place to allow their remote workers all of the tools and access they need to successfully do their job.

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Making the decision to conduct an IT audit for your business in the new year is the perfect way to assess your company’s remote workplace infrastructure.

An IT audit will be able to analyze if your company has:

  • Sufficient network capacity
  • Secure procedures for all business processes
  • Multi-factor authentication for critical systems, and
  • Adequate security measures.

#4: Inventory of computers and phone systems

Whether your company employees are working in the office or from home, one of the most beneficial aspects of an IT audit is its assessment of your company’s physical technologies.

Technology is made by design to allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. However, if you’re using outdated technologies, it may only be holding your team back from reaching their full potential. 

An IT audit will assess your company’s:

  • Computers 
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones
  • Point of sale systems, and more. 

Besides saving you time, the assessment of your technology can often save you money. For example, there are opportunities for savings when you upgrade your phone systems to VoIP. The system usually saves you money on monthly services while giving you more features than your outdated phone system. 

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#5: Industry-specific compliance 

All businesses have some form of IT compliance that they’re required to follow—and certain industries, such as legal and medical, have even stricter compliance regulations to follow.

Failing to meet your business’ IT compliance regulations can be extremely costly and damaging.

An IT audit can effectively gauge:

  • If your business is following compliance regulations
  • And, if you’re not, what steps you need to take to achieve compliance. 

In conclusion 

An IT audit can help you assess where your business stands regarding technology, as well as helping you find opportunities to improve efficiency and properly plan for the year ahead.

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1: Threatpost

2: ETCISO.in

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